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An Extended Service Contract is a logical extension of the benefits consumers receive through a manufacturers warranty program.
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iconExtended Service Contracts
CornerStone's Extended Service Contracts (ESC) are available for manufacturers, dealers and distributors in all of the markets we serve.  An ESC is a logical extension of the benefits consumers receive through a manufacturers warranty program.  Not only does an ESC help the consumer protect the investment they have made, but it's also good for business.  As profit margins continue to decline on many hard goods, an ESC offers a profit-generating opportunity, which creates a win-win for you while protecting your consumers' purchases.
iconTire & Wheel Program
CornerStone's Tire and Wheel Program provides coverage in the event of damage to tires and/or wheels as a result of a road hazard on a public roadway.  Coverage is available on both new and used vehicles and will repair or replace a covered tire or wheel.
iconTheft Protection Program
CornerStone's Theft Protection Program provides coverage in the event a unit is stolen and not recovered or deemed a total loss once recovered.  Used in conjunction with the Theft Protection Program is microdot technology which is applied to the unit and provides identification of the stolen unit.  The Theft Protection Program ensures peace of mind knowing that customers are covered in the event of theft.
iconGuaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)
Customers often assume that if their vehicle is totaled or stolen, their insurance will replace their vehicle at the amount they paid for it, or at least the amount they still owe.  This is seldom the case.  Comprehensive insurance, if customers carry it, covers only the fair market value of the vehicle as determined by the insurance company.  This gap between fair market value and a customer's loan balance can easily leave the customer owing thousands of dollars, depending on their original loan amount and depreciation of the vehicle.  Financing promotions such as "zero-down," low monthly payments for 24 months, or long term financing make the gap even greater.  CornerStone's GAP Program insures your customers for the difference between the fair market value of their vehicles and what they owe on their loans regardless of whether or not they have comprehensive insurance.  This product is available in the United States only.
iconAftermarket Products (Canada Only)
In partnership with CAP Dealer Services, CornerStone is bringing quality aftermarket programs to Canadian Dealers.  Featuring Final Coat Product and Warranty Protection Programs which include: Electronic Rust Corrosion Modules, XZILON Ultimate Surface Protection, Interior Guard, Sonar King and Nitro Ride Tire Inflator Systems. These fully insured Programs have undergone stringent testing and meet the highest standards for the RV and Powersports industry.
iconGroup Creditor Products (Canada Only)
Creditor Group Insurance, underwritten by AIG Insurance, also via CAP Dealer Services, is provided by CornerStone United, in Canada.  AIG offers one of the most recognized brands, best levels of coverage and no nonsense products in the insurance industry. Coupled with another industry leading administrator, AIG Creditor Insurance provides dealers and consumers with the most comprehensive program in Canada.